What is Cat & Chocolate?

Cat & Chocolate is a text-based social game.
In the game, some strange accidents will happen to you. You have to deal with these accidents using three irrelevant items.
Your answer will be judged by your friends through Twitter!
(If you'd love the game, please purchase the card game also.)

How to play?

To play the game, it's necessary to sign in with Twitter.

If you already have a Twitter account, please click Sign in with Twitter.
Then, please click "Challenge!", and a strange accident will happen to you. You have to avoid the accident using items passed at random.

How to avoid an accident?

Please describe how to avoid an accident by using items. You have to include the items in the description.

The description (which is called "answer") is tweeted automatically with its URL. If other users on Twitter open the URL, the users can judge your description "safe" or "out".

At the end of the time limit, if the number of "safe" is greater than or equal to the number of "out", your description will be regarded as a success.

Badge_success Success!Badge_fail Fail!Badge_judging Judging!

For beginners

If you feel difficulty to think about how to avoid an accident, please check "Recent Answers" on the top page. You can refer to a number of answers. Please feel free to judge them and leave comments on them.